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Garden Checklist for September

  • Prepare the garden for winter vegetables by removing all spent summer vegetables.
  • Plant early flowering sweet peas for an abundance of flowers during the holidays.
  • Words of warning: with soaring temperatures do not leave plant material in a hot car for even fifteen minutes. Make the garden center your last stop on the way home, or make arrangements for delivery.
  • Divide crowded clumps of Shasta Daisies now for better flower size next summer.
  • Water Japanese Iris thoroughly before and during the blooming season to promote a spectacular bloom.
  • Support chrysanthemum by staking. The fuller they become the possibility they may break.
  • Keep baiting slug and snails especially once you've set out new seedling.
  • If your azaleas have set their buds, switch to 0-10-10 fertilizer to promote bigger flowers in the spring. Using high nitrogen fertilizer will cause the azalea to drop their flower buds and keep on growing.

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