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Garden Checklist for November and December

  • Winter can be colorful!
    • Cyclamen for red, white, pink and lavender.
    • Iceland Poppies for the oranges and yellows.
    • Pansies & Primroses for every color imaginable.
    • Ornamental Cabbage & Kale for texture and color.
    • Paludosum Daisies for masses of white.

  • There is still time for fall bulb planting and our selections remain good. Succession plantings of tulips will ensure a prolonged show next spring. Don’t forget some Paperwhites for winter forcing, too.

  • Japanese maples, conifers and rhododendrons have arrived from Oregon and Washington. The best selection is now and we have pictures of most varieties so you can easily choose, even “out of leaf and bloom.”

  • It's about time to do your winter pruning and be sure to time your dormant spraying; Thanksgiving, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. Don’t let peach-leaf curl, fire blight or shot-hole fungus spoil your garden next year. Ask us if you have questions about winter dormant protection.


  • No matter what your decor, you can find this symbol of the holidays in a color to complement any room. Of course, if you prefer a splash of red, you will find beautiful varieties of those classic beauties as well.

  • Poinsettia care: To get the most out of your poinsettia, place it in bright indirect, light and water regularly allowing the soil to drain and to become partially dry between watering.

    For a healthier plant that will bloom longer, maintain the room temperature between 50 and 75° F. Avoid drafts from windows and heating vents. That means that you cannot leave your poinsettias outdoors overnight during the winter. For a splash of color that you can leave on your doorstep, try cyclamen instead.

    After all danger of frost is past, cut the stems back to 2 or 3 buds above the ground and put it outdoors in a sunny, but protected, area. Pinch the new growth as it reaches 6” —two pinchings are usually sufficient.
  • “How Do I Get My Poinsettia To Bloom Again?” - To insure a Christmas bloom, you have to artificially shorten the days beginning in October. Bring your poinsettia back inside. Each evening, move it into a dark closet or cover it with a light-tight box for 12-14 hours. Even the slightest exposure to light during this period will delay flowering. After ten weeks of shortened days, your poinsettia should bloom for your holiday enjoyment.


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